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(MA) Request for Tax Good Standing Certificate (complimentary)
(TX) Request for Tax Clearance (05-359) (complimentary)
Dissolution Notification (DOR) ($5.00)
DOL 5500 Efast Forms (complimentary)
Financial Officer's Certificate (Taxes) ($15.00)
IRS 2848 Instructions (pdf) (complimentary)
IRS Cover Letter re: Form 966 (Corporate Liquidation) ($5.00)
IRS Fillable Forms (complimentary)
IRS Form 1023 (pdf) (complimentary)
IRS Form 2553 (pdf) (complimentary)
IRS Form 2848 (pdf) (complimentary)
IRS Form 4876A; Interest Charge DISC Election (pdf) (complimentary)
IRS Form 8023 (complimentary)
IRS Form 8023 Instructions (complimentary)
IRS Form 8288 (complimentary)
IRS Form 8716 (complimentary)
IRS Form 8718 (complimentary)
IRS Form 8821 (pdf) (complimentary)
IRS Form 8822-B (pdf) (complimentary)
IRS Form 8832 (pdf) (complimentary)
IRS Form 8869 (pdf) (complimentary)
IRS Form 8883 (complimentary)
IRS Form 8883 Instructions (complimentary)
IRS Form 966 (pdf) (complimentary)
IRS Form 990 - Return of Organization Exempt From Income Tax (complimentary)
IRS Form 990 or 990EZ Instructions (complimentary)
IRS Form 990EZ (complimentary)
IRS Form SS-4 (ONLINE) (complimentary)
IRS Form SS-4 (pdf) (complimentary)
IRS Form SS-4 Attachment to a QSSS ($15.00)
IRS Form SS-4 Checklist (complimentary)
IRS Form SS-4 Instructions (pdf) (complimentary)
IRS Form W-2 (ONLINE) (complimentary)
IRS Form W-7 (complimentary)
IRS Form W-9 (pdf) (complimentary)
IRS Form W-9 Instructions (pdf) (complimentary)
IRS IC-DISC Election (complimentary)
IRS Letter re: Form 2553 (Small Business Election) ($10.00)
IRS Letter re: QSSS ($10.00)
IRS Letter regarding Name Change ($10.00)
Power of Attorney (Massachusetts M-2848) (complimentary)
Redeemed Stockholder Agreement IRS Notice ($15.00)
Secretary's Dissolution Certificate (for filing with IRS) ($15.00)
Section 83(b) Election ($15.00)
Statement of Transferee Pursuant to Treas. Reg. § 1.351-3(b) ($15.00)
Statement of Transferor Pursuant to Treas. Reg. § 1.351-3(a) ($15.00)
Tax Lien Waiver Letter (MA) (complimentary)

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