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From 1930 the first World Cup start , held a total of 19 World Cup . Brazil team which won the championship five times , the highest number of countries the World Cup so far won, and all palyer worn the world cup jerseys. 2014 playing at home , five-star Brazil obviously want on the shirt embroidered on the chest and then a star . Brazil is the hot pursuit of the Italian team , who won four times . After three wins were in Germany , two times champion Uruguay , Argentina, and won a second championship in England , France and Spain.

1930 coincides with the 100th anniversary of the independence of Uruguay , also decided the first cheap world cup jerseys held at the time of the first football powerhouse Uruguay. Due to the high cost of entry to South America , many European countries have refused to participate in the first session of the World Cup, only four European teams to participate. Final hosts Uruguay defeated Argentina 4-2 in the final to clinch the trophy , "One-Armed General" Castro seal the victory , Uruguay became the first World Cup title. The tournament's best player and top scorer is Argentina star Sitabilai , he scored eight goals in the World Cup .

1934 World Cup is not only the next football game, or Mussolini's fascist regime advocated a political tool . However, as many European teams refused to participate in the first World Cup , many South American team also did not participate in the World Cup retaliatory . Italy to host the final in the final 2-1 victory over Czechoslovakia , Ischia Carly 's goal to help the team win extra time . Skopelos Carly became the best player of the tournament , and Neiyedeli ( Czechoslovakia ) , Conan ( Germany ) tied for the Golden Boot .

In 1938, the world shrouded in the shadow of war , many countries and therefore missed the World Cup . Because of dissatisfaction with the French bid for Argentina refused to participate. Brazilian genius tournament performances , top scorer Leonidas performance is to become the tournament 's best player like the 2014 world cup jerseys and the Golden Boot winner ( eight goals ) . But because Leonidas injured in the semifinals , Brazil lost to Italy. Italian team eventually defeated Hungary 4-2 in the final to win . Be the first to successfully defend the World Cup title .

Germany hosted a successful World Cup , which was hit early in this century German football personnel crisis , but also by virtue of the success of this World Cup , again on the right track . Unfortunately, the German team in the semifinals fell to the foot of the Italian team , missed the final . Encounter before the final tournament , " Calciopoli " scandal of Italian football has become the final winner , final, Italy beat France on penalties to win . This World Cup is the French superstar Zinedine Zidane 's last World Cup tour, he also became the best player. Germany star Klose places score five goals to win the Golden Boot . The World Cup also finished the wholesale World Cup jerseys on Ronaldo 's 15 goals Albert , breaking the Gaidemule record.

World Cup held in Africa for the first time , a serious aging defending champion Italy in the group stage ahead of the game . Eventually advance to the finals in Spain and the Netherlands , a maximum of two teams staged a World Cup finals tournament in the history of yellow and red cards ( 14 yellow 1 red ) . In the final game ever wasted opportunity for the Dutch team 0-1 loss to rival , Spaniard won the World Cup for the first time . Uruguay star Diego Forlan won the Golden Globe for the final , the German teenager Thomas - Mueller won the Golden Boot and the Best New Artist award.

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