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Basics Box: California
Secretary of State
Status Search and Name Availability
  • Fax File:
  • UCC: Yes, but only through a service company
    Corporate: Yes, but only through a service company
  • E File:
  • UCC: Yes. or CLAS Information Services UCC eZFILE allows for retention of filing information, continuations reports and a complete copy of the filed document as well.
    Corporate: No
  • Expedited Services:
  • UCC: No except for e-file. Send it to CLAS and it will be back in 2 to 3 hours.
    Corporate: Yes (see below)
  • Name Reservations:
  • Must use service company or have an account.
  • Preclearance:
  • Yes
    Contact Information for the California Secretary of State
    Expanded Pre-Clearance and Expedited Filing Services (California)
    Expedited and Pre-cleared Documents (California)
    Professional Limited Liability Company (Formation) (CA)

    Contact Information for the California Secretary of State
    The California SOS contact information is very well published at the CA SOS web site.

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    Expanded Pre-Clearance and Expedited Filing Services (California)
    Effective October 1, 2006, the California Secretary of State’s office will expand pre-clearance and expedited filing services to include all documents subject to filing with the Secretary of State pursuant to the California Corporations Code, the California Financial Code or the California Insurance Code.


    $500 – 24 hour
    $350 – 72 hour
    $300 – 5 business days
    $250 – 10 business day

    Expedited Filings

    $500 – 4 hour (pre-clearance required)
    $350 – 24 hour

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    Expedited and Pre-cleared Documents (California)
    Filing Turnaround Time

    Routine filings take approximately 7-10 business days. 24 hoiur turnaround is available for a $350 non-refundable fee if there's a problem with the filing. $500 provides a 4 hour turnaround. Expedited filing service guarantees specific turn-around time, provided that the document is acceptable. The 4 hour turnaround requires that the document be pre-cleared prior to submitting on a 4 hour rush basis.

    For a fee of $250-$500, preclearance is generally available for certain documents including articles of incorporation, amended articles, mergers, etc. (corporations only)

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    Professional Limited Liability Company (Formation) (CA)
    California law does not provide for professional LLCs. Rather, a professional business can form as a professional corporation or two or more professionals may form as a limited liability partnership (LLP).

    California law does provide full shield protection for an LLP.

    A California LLP can be formed only by lawyers, accountants and architects.
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